‘Food for thought’ after difficult Masters match at the Avenue LTC

Latest LTA Portsmouth and District Masters match on Tuesday 12 January didn’t go exactly according to plan for Fishbourne (writes Bob Murray)…

Fishbourne 2 were taking on the Avenue 2 at the Avenue Lawn Tennis Club in Havant. We always knew they’d be strong opposition. But that didn’t deter our valiant team: Elizabeth and Brian Williams, and Sue Bargery and Nick Downey. They went out to face the enemy with steely determination – to enjoy the matches and take a much-needed win. Well, one out of two ain’t too bad…

‘They were a very strong team and the surface was very different from what we are used to,’ reports Elizabeth. ‘We did enjoy playing though and the opposition were delightful people. A game like this is a challenge and gives us food for thought!’

Fishbourne salutes you all for having the guts to have a go.

And the final score? A four-rubbers victory for the Avenue…but we did manage to take seven games off them!

The next match for Fishbourne 2 is against Wellow, at Wellow (back of Southampton) on Wednesday 24 February at 10.30am. The match after this, and the final one of the winter series, is at home to Compton on Thursday 10 March at 2pm.  If anyone would like to represent Fishbourne in either of these matches please let me know (bob@bob-murray.co.uk). The only qualification is that men are over 50 and ladies over 45.