Sussex league promotion beckons for FTC young guns

For our match versus Arundel we welcomed back young Joe Rawlings to the fold (writes Chris Gosden). Work commitments and an extended stay in the land of Oz meant we missed him for the last three games. Chris Gosden, Phil Tite and Tom Craddock made up the four. A team all aged under 35 in the Sussex league must be some kind of a record!

Leaving the shire of Fishbourne, with a wide-eyed Joe in the back – astonishingly, he had never been to Arundel before and was very excited by the prospect of a real-life castle! – the weather looked as if it would be kind to us today. Alas the opposing team could only raise one pair, meaning we were 2-0 up by way of a walkover. Still, we had plenty of work to do to get the win.

Phil and Joe paired up for the first time and they were soon reading each other’s game, Joe hitting from the baseline well and Phil covering the net to great effect. They took the rubber 6-0 6-0 – a great effort.

Tom and Chris played out the last rubber to win 6-0 6-2, Tom hitting some thunderous aces and Chris staying consistent with few mistakes.

Highlights of the trip were Chris getting his foot stuck in the fence whilst chasing down a ball (he feared for his life at one point, it was that serious! ) Joe’s obvious excitement of a castle, and Chris calling an opponent Charlie all day and finding out as we were leaving that his name was in fact Mark! Charlie ….. Mark, they sound similar don’t they?

So a 4-0 win for Fishbourne leaves us top of the division with two matches remaining. Still undefeated we are hoping for a promotion spot this season.

Thank you to Mark (Charlie ) for his kind hospitality and efforts in getting the match played in trying circumstances, They were much appreciated.