How Fishbourne Tennis Club started

“Fancy a game of tennis?” It’s a frequently-heard invitation to take part in one of the top five most popular sports in the world. However, it was a slightly different version that led to tennis starting at Fishbourne Playing Fields in West Sussex.

“Fancy a tennis court?” was the offer from computer company IBM which was dismantling two tennis courts at its site in nearby Havant. Fishbourne Tennis Club, then based at the Chichester High School for Girls, accepted and thanks to the enthusiastic support of a team of volunteers, one court was created out of the best bits of the two and tennis began at Fishbourne Playing Fields.That was over 30 years ago and today the club has four all-weather courts, two of which are floodlit, and a membership list of around 150 adults and 50 juniors.

The club logo is designed to reflect the glorious game of tennis and the delights of the place where we play. The green represents the glorious countryside around Fishbourne, including the South Downs, while the blue captures the sea on our doorstep and the sky above us.

There’s so much more to Fishbourne Tennis Club than the fun we have on court. To add interest and encourage integration among members and their families we hold a series of social events every year.

Enjoy the photographs below from over 30 years of the club; there are more in our photo archive.  Fishbourne Tennis Club photo archive, please click here

1983 1st Grass Court1991 Tournament (1)-21992 Annual Dance (2)1992 BBQ (12)1993 Tournament (3)1994 Annual Dance) (2)1994 BBQ (8)1994 BBQ (10)1994 Tournament (4)1995 Tournament (6)1995 Tournament (13)1996 Fancy Dress (3)1997 Annaul Dance (5)2001 Annual Dance (7)2001 Fancy Dress (5)2001 Pavillion (4)2001 Tournament (9)2003 Chestnut Tree Charity (9)2005 Annual Dance (8)2006 Betty 80th (5)2009 Ronnie 90th (13)GenTennis4DSCF313720131006_110340DSCF3085DSCF3099GenTennis1jj and speed gun20140608_13310520140608_130323nicki holden trying the Cardio Tennis workoutDSC_004720150516_134943arundel photo20150905_16365720150905_16494120150905_17190820150905_12485820150905_14181920150905_16120820151018_13255920150920_155707header-2014.jpg