Promotion beckons after Fishbourne men sweep to victory

So we welcomed Comptons Tennis Club from Lower Beeding, just south of Horsham, to Fishbourne for our men’s  Sussex league match on a day the weather forecasters said we would not get any tennis played!  What do they know hey!! (Writes Chris Gosden.)

We had to cancel the match twice before so we were all keen to get it finally played. Credit to the Comptons boys for making the hour trip not sure what they were going to find. What they did find when they arrived at Blackboy Lane were our lads busy sweeping the soaking wet courts. But after a bit of graft we had the courts in good shape.

With the clouds lifting hopes were high we were going to see some action .Representing Fishbourne we had Chris Gosden and Phil Tite as a pair and Tom Craddock paired with Andre the giant.

Chris and Phil got off to a terrific start in their opening rubber racing to a 4-1 lead. Most impressive was the strong serving from Phil, who has not played for two months. They were however pegged back to 5-4. Chris losing his composure (and mind ) did not help matters. However they managed to hold on to take the first 6-4. The second set was 6-0 to Chris and Phil having weathered the earlier storm. So the first rubber 6-4 6-0 to Fishbourne.

Tom and Andre were taking on Comptons number one pairing in their opening rubber. Despite this, they took the rubber in double quick time 6-1 6-1. The match was characterised by consistent hitting from both Andre and Tom – a very solid performance from both.

As the reverse rubbers were getting underway the rain clouds threatened to open but held off long enough for us to get started. Chris and Phil again started strongly, quickly running to an early lead 4-1, but again being pegged back to 5-3. They did however manage to see it out 6-3. At 1-1 in the second the heavens opened with what can only be described as end of days stuff! With Tom and Andre winning their second rubber 6-2 and 1-0 we all retreated to the sanctuary of the clubhouse to wait for it to pass.

The rain did stop, out came the brooms again (and even a mop, expertly wielded by one of the opposing players!) and both teams swept until all was clear.chris tennis pic

After the break things went brilliantly for Fishbourne, both pairs finishing their opponents off in double quick time. Chris and Phil finished 6-3 6-2 and Tom and Andre finished 6-2 6-1.

So a 4-0 win for Fishbourne means we are still unbeaten and are placing second in a promotion position. Hopefully we can keep pushing for the next few matches.

Thank you to Comptons for their efforts in getting the match played and we wish them all the best for the rest of the season.