Sunday with our friends from the South(sea)

Fishbourne Tennis Club hosted Southsea on Sunday 19 November for the latest round in our ongoing series of friendlies which never fail to provide lots of laughs and plenty of enjoyable tennis.

This time it was no different, helped by kind weather and five-game sets (with plenty of 10-point championship tiebreaks at 2-2!) that gave everyone an opportunity to play everyone else. We even mixed up and played some matches paired with Southsea players, which brought a new twist to things.

The Fishbourne Centre provided an excellent £5 a head sandwich, cake and tea lunch in the Blue Room, so thanks to them. Thanks also to Priscilla Pendle for organising the day, and to the whole of the Fishbourne team for coming out winners overall: Priscilla and Luke McEwen, Mandy and Martin Davies, Nikki Holden and Bob Murray, Jean Watson and Derek Nordern.

We look forward to seeing Andy, Ian, Caroline, Bridget and the rest of the Southsea crew again soon!