Another top tennis day at Southsea

Friendly matches with other local clubs are rarely friendlier or more fun than when Fishbourne travels 10 miles west to take on Southsea…and this year’s annual meeting of the two clubs proved the point. Shame that out of a club membership of 180 we could only field 10 players instead of the required 12 though!

Fishbourne match organiser Luke McEwen did however lead his team to victory despite the shortfall, though at five sets over  four hours the Fishbourne players were feeling it by the end of play.

Thankfully there was the usual spectacular tea in the ‘Wimbledon Corner’ of Southsea’s delightful cafe to revive everyone after the match.

Representing Fishbourne were Luke McEwen and Nikki Scott, Priscilla Pendle and Geoff Miles, David and Sue Lord, Trevor and Katy Bracher, and Nikki Holden and Bob Murray.