Robin and Gay made Honorary Members

Gay Collins and Robin Birtley have been made Honorary Members of Fishbourne Tennis Club for their contribution to the life and success of the club.

“Even though you have retired from playing the game, we would like you to become an Honorary Member in recognition of your tireless support,” reads a letter to both Gay and Robin from the FTC committee.

“We would particularly like to thank you for your hard work and contribution to Club activities over many years.”

Robin and Gay join seven other honorary members at FTC. They are:
Peter Burnand
Ron Gawen
Joan Gawen
Bert Hill
David Martin
Ron Williams
Eileen Wilson
It is envisaged that an honoursĀ board showing all the names will be put up in the clubhouse.

IMGP308520151112_122446RobinĀ (top) and Gay (above, on left)