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The Club shall be called the FISHBOURNE TENNIS CLUB.  The object of the Club is:

    1. to organise and encourage the playing of tennis at all levels of ability
    2. to offer coaching, competitive and recreational opportunities to adult and junior players for the improvement of their game
    3. to ensure a duty of care and equitable provision of services to all players.

The Club is constituted by these Rules as a non-profit making Members Club. All surplus income will be reinvested in the Club’s development and in the Club’s facilities infrastructure.  All membership and public use of the courts is offered subject to abiding by the Rules and the Code of Conduct (Player Etiquette) adopted by the Club, and the tennis club activity programme as determined by the Committee.

    1. Mini Junior Member: aged between 4 and 11 years on 1st April
    2. Junior Member: aged 12-17 years
    3. Student Member: 18-21 years and still in full time education
    4. Full Member: 18+

Guests may be invited to play during designated times by a full member of the club who is responsible for paying the guest fee.  A guest may not play at club sessions more than three times in any one season. Public bookings are offered within the tennis programme according to advertised times, prices and payment arrangements.


The general affairs of the club shall be managed by a Management Committee consisting of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Club Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary, and four other members of the Club (including a designated Welfare Officer).  All Committee members shall hold office for one year but shall be eligible for re-election.  A Committee of five shall form a quorum, which must include two Officers.  Should a vacancy occur on the Committee, then the Committee shall have the power to fill such vacancy, or co-opt additional members as necessary. Officers may otherwise be elected at the AGM. The Management Committee will be convened by the Club Secretary and be held no less than four times per year.

    1. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Club shall be held in April each year when members will receive a report from the Officers and when membership and joining fees for the following year shall be determined.
    1. All members’ subscriptions shall become due on 1 April.  Unless the Committee agree that exceptional circumstances apply, members who have not paid their subscription by the AGM in April shall cease to be members.
    1. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) shall be called by the Chairperson on receipt by the Club Secretary of a requisition signed by at least one fifth of the full membership stating the business to be transacted.

At all General Meetings a quorum shall consist of 15 members and voting shall be confined to full members only.  Where necessary, the Chairperson shall have a casting vote.  The Management Committee shall be responsible for approving or adjusting the wording of policy, codes of conduct, and rules that affect the smooth running of the Club.


The financial year shall end of the last day of February. The Treasurer shall submit the year’s accounts and the balance sheet of the Club, properly audited, for adoption at the Annual General Meeting.  The Committee shall agree the appointment of an auditor who shall not be a member of the Committee.

All Club monies shall be banked in an account (or accounts) held in the name of the Club, save a cash amount as determined by the Committee held by the Treasurer to accommodate operational expenses. Cheques and/or electronic transfers and/or cash payments (threshold as determined by the Committee) drawn against Club funds must be signed and/or authorised by two designated Officers.

The Committee shall ensure that appropriate levels of insurance cover for assets (facilities and equipment) and public liability are in force.  This constitution shall allow the Club to accept and be responsible for the audited records and management of loans and/or grants in the pursuance of facilities development.


The Committee shall have the power to discontinue or refuse membership of anyone who, in their opinion, has behaved in such a way deemed by the Committee not to be in the interests of the Club’s objectives or Code of Conduct.  Such members shall have no claims whatsoever against the Club but shall have the right of appeal before the Committee, such complaint sent in writing to the Club Secretary. The Committee will endeavour to respond to written complaints within ten days of receipt.


A resolution to dissolve the Club may only be passed at an AGM or EGM following a majority vote of the total adult membership. In the event of dissolution, the Committee shall determine, in agreement with the Fishbourne Playing Fields Association, how any assets for the Club shall be disposed in the interests of tennis/sports development at the Fishbourne Centre.


The Committee shall have power to decide any question arising upon any matter not embodied in these Rules and that decision shall be final.

A copy of this Constitution/Rules shall be displayed on the Club notice

board and all members shall be deemed to be conversant with them.

Reviewed 2017 by FTC Committee