Minutes of club AGM held online on 14 April 2021

Fishbourne Tennis Club AGM 14/4/2021


Bob Murray (chair), Pammi Haylett, Bryan Doling, Debbie Jupe, Ivor Smith, Jazz Kimbell, Peggy Burnand, David Lord, Sue Lord, Alex Bone, Eric Thompson, Jack Bacon, Rosemary Ashford, Bridget Clements, Kate Gurl, Katy Bracher, Shaz Morris, Nikki Scott, Tim Scott, Jane Hay, Roy Hay.

Apologies received from Nicola Dawtrey


2019 Minutes – approved, proposed by Bob Murray and seconded by David Lord

Vice chairman’s welcome: Bob Murray. Key points:

  • Thank you for your loyalty in sticking by the club during such trying times.
  • A very warm welcome to all the new members who have recently joined the club.
  • More new members expected as a result of a very attractive family membership offer coming up this summer.
  • We are committed to getting  more juniors and young people into the club.
  • Sadly there’s no Wimbledon ticket ballot this year
  • Courts reopened the moment we were allowed to, on 29 March, for members only
  • Courts remain closed to public access but that will change asap
  • Thanks to those members who volunteered to clean up the courts and grounds
  • We now have a groundsman too to hep keep it neat
  • Everyone still has to abide by COVID-19 guidelines; social distancing and sign into track and trace every time
  • As of this week we now have two artificial grass courts and two hard courts and all lit by floodlights – quite a claim to fame for a little club like ours. Special thanks to David Lord for all his work on this project.
  • The new LED lights on courts 1 and 2 represent a £30,000 investment in the club, with £10k of that contributed by CDC
  • We are committed to keeping the floodlights free for members, unlike other tennis clubs in the area
  • Next big project is to resurface the hard courts 3 and 4.
  • Social events still on hold though the Fishbourne Centre and bar/ outdoor terrace is open
  • In short then…the club is looking to the future in a very positive way.


Membership report: Ivor Smith. Full report circulated. Key points;

  • Membership renewals and signups are slightly ahead of where they usually are this year.
  • Mary and Keith Marriott who have been heavily involved with the club for many years and in various voluntary roles, have been made honorary members.

Financial report: Bryan Doling. Full report circulated. Key points;

  • We have a lower surplus than usual due to the investment in floodlighting
  • We anticipate being down in income in the next year due to the reduced membership fees offered for 2021/2022.
  • Fee rise agreed to £140 p/a for 2022/2023. Proposed by Ivor Smith, seconded by Debbie Jupe
  • Proposed acceptance of 2020/2021 accounts from Roy Hay, seconded by Jazz Kimbell.

Thanks given to Bryan for all the work that goes into preparing the accounts.

Welfare report: Pammi Haylett. Full report circulated. Key points:

  • We reiterate that members and guests must sign into the track and trace book when they play.
  • We are looking into getting a defibrillator at the club.

League tennis: Jazz Kimbell. Full report circulated. Key points:

  • We are running 6 teams as opposed to our usual 9 this year. This reflects a more streamlined structure in the summer league due to a lower uptake in participation from clubs this summer whilst COVID restrictions are still operable.
  • We are anticipating a return to the previous normal structure for the winter league.

American Tournaments: Pammi Haylett. Full report circulated. These have been great fun and we are planning on holding them every Sunday afternoon from 25 April

Coaching report: Alex Bone. Full report circulated. Key points:

  • Full programme of coaching is now operational.
  • All coaching moved to afternoon / evening sessions.
  • Huge enthusiasm for coaching and high level of take up.

Social report: Nicola Dawtrey. Social events have been on hold due to COVID19 but as soon as we can open up we will get the programme of social events back and up running.

Club development: Debbie Jupe. Club is looking into how we can facilitate wheelchair tennis and there are ongoing discussions as to what form that might take; just improved accessibility, and/ or coaching programme. Family Fun sessions are planned for 1st Fridays in June and July.

Election of Committee – resignation and election of new members

All current committee members standing for re-election, Debbie Jupe joined as new member. We are without a chair since David Lord’s resignation. Proposed by David Lord and seconded by Roy Hay.

Bob Murray – Vice chair

Ivor Smith – Membership secretary

Bryan Doling – Treasurer

Jazz Kimbell – Fixtures secretary

Pammi Haylett – Welfare officer

Nicola Dawtrey – Social secretary

Kate Gurl – Committee member

Debbie Jupe – Committee member,

Alex Bone – honorary member


Any other business

AOB – any new members who would like to join the committee we would welcome to come forward.

  • The committee has been made aware of low attendance at some club sessions leaving members who can’t book courts frustrated. We decided it is too early to make any changes but will monitor this and please continue to share feedback.
  • Tournament – we are inviting feedback as to whether members want a more traditional tournament this year or whether a 1 day event would be preferable. A communication will come out about this in due course. Jazz Kimbell and Kate Gurl have volunteered to organise a club championship in whatever form seems most popular / appropriate.