Keep your head down and follow through!


How many sports does that advice apply to? Certainly tennis, golf…and now, we discover, croquet, too.

Members of FTC enjoyed an evening this week learning the croquet ropes with our neighbours, Fishbourne Croquet Club. If you haven’t seen where they live, have a look – they have a surprisingly large and private grass playing area behind the football/basketball courts at Fishbourne Playing Fields. All hedged in (and with electric fences to keep out the rabbits!) you’d never know they were there.

Linda and her colleagues from the croquet club provided expert assistance for the tennis players on what was a perfect evening for croquet. Several games were enjoyed with some very close results.

Everyone has probably had a go at croquet at some time, but having the rules explained (we played ‘golf’ croquet, the simple version, leaving association croquet for another day…) and being able to appreciate a little of the complex strategy involved made all the difference. It actually got very exciting. And it is certainly as nasty a game as everyone says. The way you can smash your opponent’s balls is very satisfying.

Many of the first-timers said they would like to play again, and with other FTC members who couldn’t make this date keen to have a go, another session with our mallet-wielding neighbours is on the cards. Linda says they welcome potential new members and also offer £5 a session croquet for casual visitors, so call in and find out more if interested.

And remember, keep your head down and follow through. And whatever you do, don’t lose the balls – they cost £50 each!

FTC would like to thank Linda and the others at Fishbourne Croquet Club (below) for a great fun evening, and also to our own Nikki Scott for organising it all.