FTC’s Wimbledon ticket winners

The club held its draw for the 16 pairs of Wimbledon tickets allocated to the club this year after the FTC AGM at the Fishbourne Centre on 18 April. The numbers were pulled out of the barrel by Generation Tennis’s Alex Bone, and many of the winners were in the room to hear the good news.

Here are all the lucky winners. Any tickets not accepted will in the first instance be redrawn for FTC members.


Centre Court 

Lesley Kelsall: 4 July (2nd round singles, 1st round doubles) £78

Katy Bracher: 5 July (2nd round singles, 1st round doubles) £78

Phil Tite: 7 July (3rd round singles and doubles) £102

Barbara Pope: 10 July (quarter final ladies singles and doubles) £120

Robert Prince: 11 July (quarter final men’s singles; semis ladies doubles) £145

Nicola Dawtrey: 13 July (men’s singles and doubles semi finals) £170

Court No 1 

Martin Davies: 3 July (1st round singles) £47

James Willson: 6 July (3rd round singles; 2nd round doubles) £78

Brian Williams: 7 July (3rd round singles and doubles) £78

Gareth Price: 9 July (3rd/4th round singles and doubles; 1st round mixed) £86

Tom Craddock: 10 July (quarter finals doubles) £86

Grace Fine: 11 July (ladies doubles semi finals) £105

Chris Gosden: 14 July (mixed doubles semi fials) £35

Court No 2 

Barrie Dunn: 2 July (1st round men’s and ladies singles) £42

Peggy Burnand: 5 July (2nd round men’s and ladies’ singles) £50

Sally  Atkins: 9 July (4th round singles/doubles; 1st round mixed) £70

*Ticket prices are per person; schedule of play liable to change