FTC’s Wimbledon ticket allocation confirmed; see you in SW19!

Fishbourne has been awarded 16 pairs of tickets to the Wimbledon Championships this year. All 99 FTC members who opted-in  to the ballot will be eligible to win the right to buy the tickets – if their name is drawn out at the Wimbledon draw which we are holding after the club’s AGM at the Fishboune Centre from 7pm on Wednesday 18 April. You do not have to be present to win the tickets.

Below is the list of tickets available to the club and their cost, and also a list of the 99 eligible members. If your name is not on the list you will not be able to win tickets in the club’s draw. It may not be on the list because you are not a British Tennis Member; you are not affiliated to Fishboune; you are already eligible at another club; you did not opt-in to the ballot.


Centre Court 

4 July (2nd round singles, 1st round doubles) £78

5 July (2nd round singles, 1st round doubles) £78

7 July (3rd round singles and doubles) £102

10 July (quarter final ladies singles and doubles) £120

11 July (quarter final men’s singles; semis ladies doubles) £145

13 July (men’s singles and doubles semi finals) £170

Court No 1 

3 July (1st round singles) £47

6 July (3rd round singles; 2nd round doubles) £78

7 July (3rd round singles and doubles) £78

9 July (3rd/4th round singles and doubles; 1st round mixed) £86

10 July (quarter finals doubles) £86

11 July (ladies doubles semi finals) £105

14 July (mixed doubles semi fials) £35

Court No 2 

2 July (1st round men’s and ladies singles) £42

5 July (2nd round men’s and ladies’ singles) £50

9 July (4th round singles/doubles; 1st round mixed) £70

*Ticket prices are per person; schedule of play liable to change




Darren Triggs

Tim Applewhite

Peter McLarens

Brian Fitch

Kate Gurl

James Course

Susan Groves

Priscilla Pendle

Susan Bargery

Cressida Williams

Bill Lee

Lesley Kelsall

Gareth Mealing

Cynthia Burnett

Jennifer McLarens

Tricia Board

Sean Hughes

Callum Budd

Elizabeth Williams

Chris Gosden

Helena Dupee

Linda Corkett

Nicola Scott

Ruth Barnes

Howard Roeber

Richard Griffin

Steven Kelsall

Max Hopp

Pamela Haylett

Bryan Doling

Michael Hall Hall

Mary Marriott

Helen Strike

Izzie Lee

Trevor Bracher

Tim Groome

Roy Hay

Tim Friesner

Benjamin Jameson

Huw Griffiths

James Willson

Jane Leader

Sandy Thornton

Susan Lord

Catherine Bracher

Peter Lane

Brian Williams

Nicola Holden

Phil Tite

Mari Berriman

Cameron Franks

Luke McEwen

Peggy Burnand

Martyn Pedersen

Jan Thole

David Holmes

Christine Huggett

June Hay

Sally Atkins

Lorna Donnelly

Frazer Budd

Bob Murray

Bruce Dupee

Jean Watson

Rosemary Ashford

Dipak Duggal

Amanda Davies

Ivor Smith

Gillian Perrin

Steve Zsibrita

Gareth Price

Tamsin Saunders

Nicola Dawtrey

Paul Thornton

Nick Houston

David Lord

Susie Upton-Brown

Sheila Hill

Martin Davies

Lynette Smith

Lainey Franks

Chris Prang

Ken Benjamin

Mike Kallaway

Sam Morris

Andre Rogers

Grace Fine

R Prince

Harry Dry

Barrie Dunn

Ronald Williams

Stephen Bailey

Barbara Pope

Thomas Edwin Craddock

Joseph Daborn

Richard Hopp

Jonathan Barnes

James Bone

Alexander Bone