FTC Championships 2016: have your say

What do you think the FTC Championships in 2016 should be like? 

Fishbourne Tennis Club is asking members for their views on the 2016 Championships, following the updating of the club’s usual tournament format in 2015.

‘This is your opportunity to tell us what you think before any decision is taken,’ said FTC chairman David Lord.

To have your say, simply send us a message using the Contact page on the website – you can do that by simply clicking here.

Here is a summary of the changes, the effects of the changes and the options for 2016.

What was different this year? 

  • Entry into the doubles competitions was accepted from pairs that chose themselves.  Last year we used a random draw
  • Seeding was introduced to ensure an even spread of players throughout different parts of the draw
  • The introduction of a new Mixed Doubles Plate competition for first-round losers
  • Junior Tournament for the first time
  • Fixed Finals Day date

What were the aims of the changes? 

  • To attract more entries and improve the quality of play
  • To retain and enhance the club’s friendly approach to the tournament
  • To involve as many players as possible for as long as possible in the new Mixed Doubles Plate competition
  • To have a fixed Finals Day date that would allow for extra promotion and planning

What were the results? 

  • 42 members took part in the mixed doubles competition, the best ever entry
  • 26 players entered the men’s doubles and 14 took part in the ladies’ doubles
  • In singles competitions, 17 men took part, eight juniors and two ladies
  • Entries in all men’s tournaments were significantly higher than in previous years
  • The Mixed Doubles Plate did not take place because of the lateness of some of the first-round matches
  • More members and visitors watched the tennis and enjoyed the social side of Finals Day and barbecue
  • It was generally accepted the standard of play was high
  • Some members did not enter the tournament because they did not welcome the change of format

Options for next year 

  1. Keep the same format as 2015 but:
  • Ensure the Mixed Doubles Plate competition is an integral part of the Championships
  • Introduce fixed cut-off dates for early rounds, with the seeding committee to toss a coin to decide who goes through if matches aren’t played in time
  • Encourage more ladies and juniors to enter

2. Prohibit players entering as pairs and have doubles partners selected in random draw

Now, let us know what you think…click here to send the committee a message