Fishbourne Tennis Club Championships 2017

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Dear FTC Member

ENTER NOW !! Sunday April 16 latest!

Fishbourne Tennis Club Championships 2017

Finals Day – Saturday 2 September (Sunday 3 if wet)

2017 Championships format – No entry fees this year!

This year’s format again follows many requests and will see a Vets65 event and a more substantial Yonex Junior Championships event running in parallel with the Club’s main Tournament. Juniors may also enter the main Tournament to encourage junior development and integration at the Club. So, if you are 14+ or 65+ on May 1, 2017 (or somewhere in between) – get your entries in now (attached) and get practising!!

*Final format subject to change based on numbers of entries

Main Tournament – the Mixed Doubles will be based on a random draw for partners (only Vets65 pairs may enter together, or individually if preferred). The Ladies’ and Men’s Doubles will be based on entry with a partner (and individual entries will also be drawn or allocated a partner).

Vets65 – You may enter the Doubles events with a partner, or individually and your partner will be drawn or allocated.

  • A seeding team will assist the match draws where appropriate to ensure as close a competition as possible.
  • The stated deadlines for each round must be met or one pair goes forward on the toss of a coin. This will be strictly upheld to ensure all tournaments can be completed on time.
  • 2017 Championship Rules will apply (see attached).
  • All finals will take place on September 2 (or 3 if wet).

Yonex Junior Championships – this will be extended to local schools this year to encourage greater interest and participation by juniors at the Club.  A separate notice and entry form will be circulated in due course detailing format and deadlines.


*Most important: make sure you are free on Saturday 2 September for FINALS DAY. If rained off, Finals Day will move to Sunday 3 September.

*Enter now! Return the attached entry form as instructed. Include your preferred partner for relevant competitions – enter by Sunday April 16.   

Competition charts and order of play will be available as soon as possible thereafter.

FTC Committee


2017 Championships – Rules and Guidelines

  • The Championship formats may be subject to change based on the number of entries received.
  • Juniors (14+ on may 1st May, 2017 are welcome to enter the Senior competitions (not Vets!) individually or with a junior or adult partner.
  • Normal LTA tennis rules apply.  Please follow the Fishbourne Tennis Club player etiquette guidelines.
  • Server to keep game score (unless there is an Umpire for the Final). If there is a disputed line call, please play a let.
  • Play the best of 3 sets.  Each going to a tie-break if 6 all is reached.  For Vets65, the third set will be a Champions tie break (first to 10 points/2 clear). See tie break configurations are on the Noticeboard.
  • Please write up the winners and score on the notice board at the end of your game.
  • Matches to be played outside Club Sessions, with your court booked on-line please.  Own balls to be used (not club session balls) please.

Deadline for the completion of each round

(The result of any match not played by the deadline must be decided by the toss of a coin).

Entries By Sunday 16 April

First Round By Sunday 11 June

(and Preliminaries rounds)

Second Round By Sunday 9 July

Quarter Finals By Sunday 30 July

Semi Finals By Sunday 20 August

FINALS DAY Saturday September 2 (3, if wet)   

THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK – 2017 Championship Committee