Fishbourne Sphairistike* Club Quiz Night: and the winners are…

There were more questions than answers (right ones at least!) at the Fishbourne Tennis Club Friday the 13th Quiz Night.

Eight varied rounds, six questions a round and plenty of real headscratchers meant the grey matter was working overtime for the 24 plucky quizzers.

Despite being able to smell the rubber burning, it thankfully didn’t get in the way of a fun evening, held in the Blue Room at the Fishbourne Centre.

‘‘There were more laughs than right answers which is probably the way it should be!’ said quizmaster Bob.


Triumphant with 28 points out of a possible 48 was the team led by FTC’s Kate. Showing her expertise, she didn’t just put down the correct answer ‘A’ for the question what note does an orchestra tune to, she added the frequency in megahertz as well!

With 25 points apiece there was a tie for the runners-up place but with enough bottles of Prosecco and Montezuma’s chocolates to go round none of the top teams left empty handed.

The lowest score was just eight points behind the winning team, showing that despite the toughness of the questions it was a close run thing at the end of the evening.

Pictured are members of the winning team (Kate Gurl, Michael and Jane Herridge, and Lyn Murray) with the runners up, Robin, Jim, Peter and Jenny, and Jane, Katherine and Mike.

*Sphairistike – what tennis was originally named by its inventor, Major Walter Clopton Wingfield, in 1874.