Ace! How fast is YOUR serve?


jj and speed gun

The pros serve at 120mph or more, so how fast are our serves at Fishbourne? We are about to have a competition to find out!

Generation Tennis have agreed to lend us their speed gun so we can start a club speed-serving leaderboard. Who’ll come out top? JJ – he in the picture above – has recorded the fastest serve so far at Fishbourne, at 113mph. Are there members out there who can beat it? Come on Trevor, Alan, Chris – what have you got in the locker?

speed readout

This is going to be an informal, opened-ended contest, so there’s plenty of time to hone that technique. All members are welcome to have a go, men and women, adults and juniors, but not all at the same time.

The first opportunity to try for that special ace will be on Saturday 12 July, the club’s Open Day. Members who fancy their chances against the speed gun during the morning session (court space permitting) please put your name down on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.

Thanks to Generation Tennis there will be other opportunities to take part later, ahead of Finals Day when winners will be announced – and who knows, maybe a shootout between finalists? – and appropriate prizes handed out.