Men’s singles ladder back for 2017

Men’s singles – for juniors as well as adults –  is back in action at Fishbourne for the summer of 2017. This is an entirely player-driven initiative that reflects a growing demand for a singles competition within the club. 

The ladder is managed entirely online by Global Tennis Network, on a separate Fishbourne page of their website which you can visit by clicking here. The page shows who the members of the ladder are, their points, matches played and matches coming up. The webste is also where you go to sign up and put in a challenge to other players.

There is no cost for all this, you are not committed to who, when or how many games you play, and with all matches played at Fishbourne there is no travelling involved. All the matches are best of three sets with a third set tiebreak. At the end of the season there will be a trophy for the winner. 

The ladder is open to male adult and junior members of the club, there are no age restrictions. Ladder administrator is Chris Gosden who can help with any further information.

If there is demand for it, a ladies’ singles ladder can easily be set up.