Tennis and tea in the Southsea sunshine

Far and away the most enjoyable friendly competition Fishbourne is involved in – that’s the club’s regular encounter with Southsea Tennis Club.

This summer’s visit to Clarence Esplanade on Sunday 20 August coincided with sunny dry weather and high spirits all round, with eager anticipation not just for some cracking first-to-four-games matches but also for the famous Southsea tea in ‘Wimbledon Corner’ of the cafe.

It all lived up to expectations with a high standard of play on all the courts, and plenty of close matches, followed by lashings of tea, sandwiches and scones and jam – all most generously laid on for us by the Southsea players.


And the result? Honours in the regular encounters have seesawed backwards and forwards over the years but this time it was Fishbourne’s turn to nab the trophy, by 91 games to 115. Very close.

With many thanks to Southsea and Ian and Andy for organising their end, and Luke for putting together the Fishbourne team which comprised: Luke McEwen and Nicola Dawtrey; Brian and Elizabeth Williams; David and Sue Lord; Mo and Andre Rogers; James Course and Priscilla Pendle; Nikki Scott and Bob Murray.