Sorry folks, put your rackets away again…

Dear FTC member,

Just as we were getting going again… Yes it’s Lockdown II, and tennis is not being spared.


The Fishbourne Tennis Club committee has been carefully monitoring the Government’s and LTA’s advice regarding playing tennis from 5 November when the new lockdown rules come into force, as we are sure many of you have been, too.


It is now clear, despite a confusing late intervention by Michael Gove, that all tennis courts must now be closed to all players, and as of 5 November that is now the case at Fishbourne. Please do not come to the club for any reason. No doubles,  no singles, not even a solitary hit against the wall.


The LTA insists it has lobbied the Government strongly to try to persuade it to allow courts to stay open so at least some tennis can continue, making the point that this is the most socially-distanced and safest of outdoor sports. But it was not to be and in line with Government rules (and avoiding hefty fines) FTC courts, clubhouse and grounds are now closed until at least 2 December. Any updates to this will be posted on


Keep well and (fingers crossed)  see you in December!


FTC Committee