New men’s ladder competition announced

The club has set up a new men’s doubles ladder competition for the winter, in response to requests from members and especially new members. The ladder gets under way (under the new lights!) from 1 November and ends on 31 March when there will be a prize for the winner.

You can play as much or as little as you like on days and at times that suit you. It’s all free and all the tedious stuff – finding and contacting partners, arranging matches and keeping scores – is all done online for you. This is thanks to a clever website called Global Tennis Network.

First thing to do is sign up as a member by clicking here.

It is pretty easy to sign up as a member and enter your contact details, even a picture of yourself if you want,  but please do this before the end of October so the club knows it is worthwhile extending our subscription to the service.

Once a member, click ‘ladders’ to see what’s available; there are some old singles competitions there and the new ‘Men’s doubles winter 2018/19’ ladder. Just follow instructions to be a part of it.

Match format is best of three sets with third set tiebreaker. You can play with anyone against anyone, and as much or as little as you like and whenever you want – as long as you all agree of course. It is your individual score that will count at the end.

All you need do is turn up, with your own balls please, and play. The winter 2018/19 men’s champ will take home a cask of Doom Bar (or equivalent).

A similar competition for women is under way, as can be men’s/ladies’ singles ladders if there is enough interest in them.

You have asked for more tennis…here it is! Sign up today!