Don’t miss the Wimbledon Ticket draw! 

As an LTA affiliated tennis club, Fishbourne has won an allocation of 15 pairs of tickets to the Wimbledon Championships this year. THIS INCLUDES TICKETS TO THE MEN’S SINGLES FINAL ON CENTRE COURT ON SUNDAY 10 JULY.

The right to buy these tickets will be determined in a draw at the club’s AGM from 7.30pm on Wednesday 20 April in the Fishbourne Centre.

Only those FTC adults and juniors who are British Tennis Members and have ‘opted in’ for Wimbledon tickets are eligible to win tickets – that’s about 100 members.

Ahead of the draw, here’s what you need to know…

What tickets are they? And what do they cost per pair? 

  • One pair Centre Court (men’s singles final) 10 July, £350
  • Centre Court, 7 July, £252
  • Centre Court, 6 July, £252
  • Centre Court, 1 July, £178
  • Centre Court, 29 June, £138
  • Centre Court, 28 June, £106
  • No1 Court, 10 July, £58
  • No1 Court, 9 July, £68
  • No1 Court, 5 July, £158
  • No1 Court, 30 June, £112
  • No1 Court, 28 June, £88
  • No1 Court, 27 June, £88
  • No2 Court, 4 July, £132
  • No2 Court, 1 July, £120
  • No2 Court, 30 June, £96

Do I have to be at the AGM to win them? 

No. All 100 or so eligible members are included in the draw whether present at the AGM or not. Winning members not present will be notified by email.

Do I have to have them if I can’t use them? 

No. You can return them to the club, as soon as possible, and there will be a redraw. You can’t give them to someone else. The LTA deadline for all tickets to be allocated is 20 May.

When and how do I pay? 

Within 14 days of being allocated the tickets. You pay online at  or for help you can phone 0208 487 7000. Once tickets have been purchased they cannot be transferred to someone else.

Once bought, can I get a refund if I need to? 

Normally you can, up to 24 hours before the date for which the tickets are valid. This is all done with the LTA, not the club.

Who can I take with me? 

Anyone you like, FTC member or not.

If a junior (under 16) wins…

The junior’s parent or guardian has to buy the tickets on the junior’s behalf and attend the championships with them.


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