Answers to FTC Quiz No2

Dear FTC member

How did you do in Sam Hart’s second FTC quiz? Here are the questions again…this time with the answers. One point for each correct answer..

Round 1 General knowledge

  1. Which Country is Brie cheese originally from?

Answer: France

  1. Who were runners up in The FIFA Woman’s World Cup?


  1. What nut is in the middle of a Ferrero Rocher?

Answer: Hazelnut

  1. Which Planet is closest to the Sun?

Answer: Mercury

5.What year was Heinz established?

Answer: 1869

  1. True or False, Andy Murray won Wimbledon in 2014?

Answer: False

7.What is a Mocha, I want a little bit more than just a coffee?

Answer: A Coffee flavoured with Chocolate

  1. Sofia is the capital of which country?

Answer: Bulgaria

  1. What is the name of James Corden’s character in Gavin and Stacey?

Answer: Smithy

  1. Which type of animal is a Barramundi?

Answer:  Fish

Round 2 Catchphrase

Thats beside the point

No idea

Bob up and down

Seal of approval

Pair of pants

Cut above the rest

Feeling under the weather

Bags under the eyes

Growing old

Last but not least

Round 3 Order order! The correct chronological order of these events from 2010 to 2019 is:

Chilean miners

Barack Obama elected second time

Apple iwatch

Brexit vote

England cricket world cup

Round 4, Everyone’s a Wilson 

  1. Age 50, birth place Dallas, actor! What Wilson am I?

Answer: Owen Wilson

  1. Scottish, darts player, real name John but with what stage name?

Answer: Jocky Wilson

  1. Wilson are famous as a tennis racquet brand, but in 1914 when they were founded what instrument did they also supply for?

Answer: Violins

  1. Wilson is a town in the US with the ZIP Code NY14172, but what state does that mean it’s in?

Answer: New York

  1. Brian Wilson founded and was part of what group in 1961 with more than 24 Top 40 Hits

Answer: Beach Boys

Round 5 Sport

  1. What English football club have been in the news recently with regards to a £300 million take over?

Answer: Newcastle United

  1. In the official Olympic table tennis rules, how many points does a player need to win a game?

Answer: 11

  1. What was the name of the 2020 Cheltenham Gold Cup Winner?

Answer: Al Boum Photo

  1. The International Lawn Tennis Challenge Trophy is also known as what?

Answer: Davis Cup

  1. Tom Brady is famous for playing which sport?

Answer: American Football/NFL