All the latest info about tennis in Fishbourne: welcome to the “new normal”

Your tennis club committee hopes you are well and getting some tennis in. Yes we are still allowed to play tennis. But there have been some rule changes lately so we thought it timely for an update on what FTC is able to offer. In many ways what follows is the “new normal”.

In all this we have followed LTA advice which follows government rules. The following is current from 14 September 2020 and is dependent on the club being Covid secure. That depends on all members following the rules, particularly:

  • Not coming to the club if you get the sniffles (or show any symptoms at all)
  • Not being tempted for a quick hit if you are meant to be self isolating
  • Always signing in to the Track and Trace book by the clubhouse
  • Using the hand sanitiser provided on each court
  • Maintaining 2m social distance
  • No groups of more than six people

Club mix-in sessions

We know how important these are to members and the committee has looked hard at reintroducing more of them. But we have decided that at this stage the only mix-in club session

will remain that on Saturday mornings between 9-1pm. This is the only time members can turn up without being part of an arranged game on a booked court – and so it is imperative that everyone attending signs in.

American Tournaments

Pammi’s Sunday afternoon fun tournaments for a maximum of 16 players are great fun and have become very popular and we are pleased to say that under the new rules they can continue. The next one is Sunday 20 September; see separate email about that. To attend members must pre-book their place.

Arranged games

More arranged games are taking place at Fishbourne than probably ever before, with proactive players using a variety of media, such as WhatsApp, to form groups that play at regular times during the week. According to the latest LTA guidance they are allowed but by law the group size must never exceed six people. It is the responsibility of the person booking the court to ensure all members of the group sign in to the Track and Trace book.

Booking courts: new rules

Too many court slots are being booked but not being used, which is hugely frustrating for members who can’t book a court and get a game, especially now with the fine weather. DO NOT book a court unless you are sure you can use it. CANCEL the booking if you have to but do it early (the online system may not show a cancellation if it is close to the booked time). Any bookings not taken up 15 minutes after a booked time will be deemed to have been forfeited and the court will be available for other members to use.

Note: The club remains closed to non-members.

FTC Committee, 16 September 2020