2018 FTC quiz champions are…

With questions on topics as varied as North Korea, Jagermeister, Polish Christmas lunch and comic book superheroes – in addition to a testing tennis round – the FTC quiz for 2018 enlightened, baffled and bemused in equal measure.

Most of all though it was another hilarious romp through the mind of FTC’s regular quizmaster, the inimitable Gavin Argent. Eleven teams of four competed for the top spot, and the scoring was close right to the end – impressive given that no one in the room could second guess what was coming next.

At the final count it was Lynne and membership secretary Ivor with their team The Smiths that came out on top with an impressive 55 right answers (out of a possible 90). As FTC quiz champs they all took home a bottle of wine each.

Runner-up this year was the team led by David Farrer, on 52 points, and they received bars of Montezuma’s chocolate.

Bg thanks to Janine and her crew at the Fishbourne Centre for  excellent fish and chips enjoyed by all at half time.

It was a great fun evening and we all laughed a lot and learnt a little…including the Vietnamese word for vibrator. Gavin slipped that in right at the end.

Here are the results (with apologies if team name is incorrect – you try reading Gavin’s handwriting…)

  • The Smiths, 55
  • Farrer’s Fusion, 52
  • Baseline Bandits, 50
  • Numbutts, 46
  • Red Hot Chilli Quizzers, 45
  • Power of 5, 45
  • Screwdrivers (?) 44
  • Wooden Spoons, 42
  • Tennis Tubbies, 42
  • Team ?, 42
  • Seagulls, 39